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"What's For Dinner?" gives you access to all of your recipes on the go.

If you like "What's for Dinner? Recipes", you're going to love this - a ton of additional features!

Ever wish you had your recipe book with you while you were grocery shopping? Or forget what you need for a certain dish? "What's For Dinner?" gives you access to all of your recipes & more while you're on the go. Search multiple popular recipe websites all at once. Quickly build a categorized shopping list and check off items as you walk through the grocery store.

This app now includes Voice Mode. This feature enables your Android device to respond to voice commands and read your recipes to you step-by-step. Now you can cook without getting your screen covered in food! For more information on Voice Mode please see:http://www.snazzy-software.com/android/help.html#voiceOnline search includes recipes from FoodNetwork.com, Epicurious.com, AllRecipes.com, and MyRecipes.com (which provides recipes from several magazines includeing Food & Wine, Cooking Light, and many more).

Note that this app is currently only in English and the online search is for .com sites only. If you are outside the US the online search result recipes will be in imperial units.

If you are having any problems with this app please contact the developer atsupport@snazzy-software.comso we can get them fixed. Your satisfaction, reviews, and ratings are very important to us. Thanks!

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